Getting Ready for a Show? *UPDATED*

Today my local magician group is gonna be preforming at a coffee shop.

I am unsure if I am going to perform on stage – although, as a few of you know, I am a pretty darn good close-up magician.  Does this mean that my friends think I suck?


No, nothing like that at all.


As I just mentioned, I’m very good at close-up. As for stage, I could do a few things but nothing I’m not sure I could pull it off. Not enough practice with that field of magic.

I’m going to go arrive at the show a few hours early to prep or to just practice close-up stuff (there is a walk around segment to do tricks for people at tables, which I will gladly do all day every day).

Gonna sport the Beard Mantra shirt – I usually wear something TOVG related. lol


LOL it’s NEXT Saturday. XD