Xbox 360 Controller read as second controller (PC Fix)

Recently, my wired Xbox 360 controller wasn’t being read properly by my computer.
I figured maybe disconnecting it and plugging it back in would fix it. It sadly didn’t fix a thing. After browsing online I couldn’t find a solution that worked, so here is what I did that ended up correcting whatever was causing the problem.
First thing I did that failed was uninstalling (then re-installing) the Xbox 360 Accessories from Microsoft. So I decided to just connect four Xbox 360 Controllers, then logged off my account, and finally logging back in and making sure that one of them was being read as Player 1.

'Four' Xbox 360 Controllers

Even though I only had 1 wired, two wireless ones (yes I do have the strange dongle you need to connect wireless controllers to your computer) and one Logitech one that still somehow counted as a 360 controller.

So there you go, enjoy playing your games.