Response: Starfox and User Experience

Before reading – please take a moment to view this video to which I am responding to. It’s a good watch, done by the amazing Satchell Drakes
He proposed an interesting question.
“Does Nintendo still have a respectable handle on creating new experiences in video games?
And does it matter?”
Now, let’s take a look at some key words.
1. regarded by society to be good, proper, or correct.
2. of some merit or importance.

Handle. To manage (a situation or problem).
So you’re asking if they are managing to create new experiences in video games of either importance or deemed to be in a correct or proper manner.
That depends on the group of people being refereed to.
Longtime fans of Nintendo are going to say, yes. They have been respectable in creating new experiences in video games, with games like Splatoon and Captain Toad for example. Is that of some importance? Yes, they have the able to bring new types of games that other companies would not care to create.

I am in this camp, I like what they’re doing in terms of their video game experiences. However, I feel ill-equip to talk about the other side of the coin. I can say they may not enjoy that Nintendo doesn’t not provide more, or that Nintendo doesn’t give them the experiences they want in their games.
Would that make Nintendo worth some merit or importance to those people? Possibly not. Like I said, I can’t fully speak for them, and I’ve all ready assumed as much as I possibly good.
But now for the big one. Does it matter? I feel, yes. Regardless of how you view the situation it does matter. One way or another what Nintendo does will effect the consumer on what possible games they can get, as well as rival companies who compare themselves to their own past as well as other companies to see what works and what doesn’t.