Born in California, raised in Texas. Yehoshua “Yoshy” Flores doesn’t tend to speak much, usually keeping to himself while doing various things. From playing video games to reading books, he was always seen as a shy type. Yoshy is an a gentle soul, but enjoys entertaining others. His magical abilities have granted him various opportunities in his home town, going far and wide to simply ask people to “pick a card.” You might run into him at a gaming convention or bar in Lubbock, TX. He is a man with many talents such as a webmaster, magician, video editor, and jack-of-all trades. Always putting others before himself, he usually stays quiet until someone comes along asking for advice or help. Able to assist with things such as car maintenance, computer repair and assembly, to even cooking and mending clothes. Yehoshua was an enthusiastic artist in his youth, drawing characters and backgrounds to whatever his mind could imagine. However, due to some mishaps and failures he rarely picks up the pen and draws.

Yehoshua Flores